Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems

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General Description
Improve emergency crew response time by giving advanced warning to drivers that emergency vehicles are departing the fire station. The Emergency Vehicle Warning System consists of two 12" LED flashing yellow beacons and a diamond-shaped flashing or unlighted traffic sign. The system can be activated by the optical emitters used by most fire department emergency vehicles to control traffic signals en route to an accident. Additional activation methods include a wireless keyfob transmitter, push-button transmitter, or in-station transmitter.

• MUTCD Compliant.
• Flash rate per MUTCD guidelines.
• Two 12" LED yellow pixelated beacons with aluminum housings, visors and back plates.
• Flashing or unlighted traffic sign.
• LED life expectancy over 100,000 hours.
• Solar or AC powered.
• Day and night visibility.
• Multiple activation options.
• Fast, easy installation.
• Keyed on/off switch.
• Easy battery replacement in field.
• Multiple mounting hardware options.

• Beacon: Two 12" LED yellow pixelated beacons. 5W.
• Traffic Sign: 30" yellow diamond-shaped. Lighted with flashing LEDs or unlighted. Black fire truck symbol or “EMERGENCY VEHICLES EXITING WHEN FLASHING”.
• Sign Reflective Sheeting: Type IX reflective sheeting.
• Sign Construction: .080 highway grade aluminum/stainless fasteners.
• Circuitry Technology: Sealed PCB technology, micro-controller circuitry, flash rate 50 to 60 times per minute.
• Solar/AC/Battery Specifications (depending on model): 12 volt polycrystalline solar cell (sized to average activations), 12 volt SLA battery (2 to 4-year battery life), AC power.
• Optional Activation Methods: Tomar detector, keyfob transmitter, push-button transmitter, in-station transmitter.
• Optional Tomar Low Current Strobeswitch Detector (SSDL-1014): Activated by the optical emitters used by most fire department emergency vehicles to control traffic signals. Typical vehicle range of 200 ft.
• Aluminum housing surrounding beacon can be yellow or black.
• Optional pole: 2" square Telespar or 4" round aluminum.
• Warranty: 10 year solar collector panel, 5 year sign construction, 2 year PCB/LED technology, 1 year battery.

TS50 Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems
TS50-S12DB: Shown with lighted traffic sign (left)
TS50-S12DB: Shown with unlighted traffic sign (right)
Optional Tomar Detector
Optional Tomar Detector

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