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Crosswalk Warning Lights | Radar & Flashing LED Signs | Vehicle Inspection Lights

Instruction Manuals

AC Powered TS1000
Crosswalk System
Controller Installation
(PDF, 5.1MB)

AC Powered TS1100
Crosswalk System
Controller Installation
(PDF, 3.4MB)

Solar Powered
TS1100 Crosswalk
System Controller
(PDF, 4MB)

AC Powered
TS1200 Crosswalk
System Controller
(PDF, 2.9MB)

Trouble Shooting Videos
Controller Trouble
Shooting Videos

TS1000 System
System Design &
Installation Notes
(PDF, 254KB)

AC Powered TS1000
Installation Pictures
(PDF, 300KB)

Solar Powered
TS1000 Installation Pictures
(PDF, 823KB)

TS2000 Low Voltage
System Controller
Installation Instructions
(PDF, 92KB)

Installation Photos

Solar Installation Photos
Solar Powered TS1000
Crosswalk Warning Light System
Trench & Fill Type Installation
City of Vallejo, CA - December 2009
(PowerPoint, 24 MB) | (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Installation Photos
Core Drill and Saw Cut Installation
Westfield Fashion Square
Sherman Oaks, CA - January, 2012
(PDF, 2.9 MB)

Directional Boring

Alternative to Trench and Fill Installations - Directional Boring
Directional Boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables along a prescribed bore path by using a surface launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

For more information on directional boring:

Ditch Witch is an American brand of underground construction equipment which specializes in the design and manufacture of horizontal directional drilling systems.

Ditch Witch purchase/rental:

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