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SafePace Guardian Cam

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General Description
The SafePace Guardian Cam is a cutting-edge speed violation camera for use with SafePace signs.

The camera, designed for use on low-volume roads such as campuses and private communities, captures images of vehicles that exceed the speed of your choice. Speeds are detected via radar unit of a connected SafePace sign. Speed-stamped photos as well as all speed data from your signs are transmitted to the SafePace cloud, which you can access from any device, anywhere. Images can be used to warn drivers or enforce speed limits.

• Fixed focal length camera for use in both day and night time image capture.
• Violators are photographed from one approaching lane; ideal for campus or Home Owners Association roads.
• On-camera interface allows you to set local speed limit, violation speed limit, and how many images to capture per violator.
• Technology fully operational in all weather conditions including fog, rain, snow, or intense heat or cold.
• Powered by AC power supply and connected to SafePace sign of your choice.
• Zero software footprint with no required software installation.
• Data is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
• Two year warranty on camera, one year warranty on batteries.

SafePace Guardian Cam

SafePace Guardian Cam screens

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