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Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards

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General Description
Our Photo-Sensor Bollard is a passive detection device used to trigger in-pavement crosswalk lights or LED pedestrian signs used with the TS1250 crosswalk lighting system. Typically, a pair of bollards is placed at each end of a crosswalk. When a pedestrian passes between the two bollards, an IR light beam is ‘broken’, and the crosswalk lighting system is activated.

• Passive detection, no pedestrian input required.
• Directionally sensitive IR sensor only activates when pedestrian enters crosswalk, not when he or she exits.
• Easy sensor alignment via independent swivel mounts.
• Vandal-proof stainless steel fasteners.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Rugged design.

• Size: 7"W x 42"H x 4.5"D
• 12VDC power input
• Aluminum enclosure thickness: 0.125"
• Enclosure color: white powder-coated (standard), clear hard anodized (custom powder-coated colors available)
• Mounted via concrete anchor bolts
• Minimum height to trip the sensor: 42"
• Maximum 50' separation
• Part #: TS-Bollard

Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards

Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards

Photo-Sensor Bollards Diagram

Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards
Four Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards installed at an office building in Dallas, TX.

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