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Omni-directional, Stainless Steel
LED Road Stud

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General Description
Our TS-SR-70 stainless steel road stud features a durable, low maintenance design with outstanding visibility during the day and at night.

The TS-SR-70 is typically used to mark roundabouts and school zones.

• 360° lighting.
• Highly resistant to impact and corrosion.
• Robust construction, suitable for harsh conditions.
• Snowplow resistant.
• Only .6" (15.2mm) above road surface.
• Connect multiple road studs in series circuit.
• Outstanding visibility during the day and at night.
• Up to .62 mile (1 km) visibility distance due to high intensity LEDs.
• Suitable for marking roundabouts and school zones.
• Low maintenance, 100% waterproof.
• Easy replacement: base (fixed in the pavement), main body (removable).
• LEDs protected by polycarbonate window.
• Optional: use different LED colors in each window.

Modes of Operation:
• Always On (other modes of operation like flashing or sequential are available with external controller)

LED Configuration:
• Multidirectional

• Power Supply: 12V DC or 24V DC
• Current Consumption: 160 mA
• Power Cable: Brown Wire (+), Blue Wire (–)
• Working Temperature: -13°F to +185°F (-25°C to +85°C)

• LED Number: 24 LEDs
• LED Type: 5mm
• LED Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
• Viewing Angle: 15°

• Main Body: Stainless Steel League
• Base: Aluminium
• Mechanical Resistance: 135 tons
• Weight: 7.7 lb. (3.5 kg)
• Protection Index: IP68, IK10
• Dimensions: 7.48" (190mm) diameter x 4.24" (107.7mm) height

Other Versions
• 8 high power LEDs (1W) for maximum brightness (day and night)
• Specially developed heat sink to increase LED lifetime.
• Viewing Angle: 16°
• Power Supply: 24V DC (400 mA max)

• 8 high power LEDs (1W) for maximum brightness (day and night)
• Multiple colors in one road stud.
• LED Colors: Red, Green, Blue, White
• Viewing Angle: 16°



TS-SR-70 Applications

TS-SR-70 Applications

TS-SR-70 Applications

PDOT Experimental Certifcation
Grout Data Sheet
(PDF, 741KB)

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