Flexible Bollard

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• Flexible bollard bounces back and returns to original position after impacts.
• Ideal for area delimitation and road delineation.
• Resistant to light and heavy vehicles.
• UV protection for greater durability.
• 3M reflective tape with high reflectivity for greater visibility at night.
• Optional ribbons with glass reflector elements.
• Many colors and sizes for a wide variety of applications.
• Easy installation.

Mechanical Features
• Main Body/Base Material: PU
• Mounting Screw: Galvanized Steel
• Anchor Material: Aluminum or Galvanized Steel
• Main Body/Base Colors: Black, Grey (RAL 7040) and white (other colors available by request)
• Reflective Tape: 3M Reflective Tape
• Reflective Tape Colors: White or Yellow
• Glass Reflector Ribbons Colors: Black with white crystals.


TS-SR-45 Applications

TS-SR-45 Applications

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