Illuminated Crosswalk
Overhead Sign

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General Description
The TS-SR-U2H7 is an innovative internally illuminated crosswalk overhead sign that projects light downward to improve the visibility of pedestrians in a crosswalk.

• Effective illumination for crosswalks.
• Low power consumption.
• Long lifetime LEDs.
• Direct connection to 230V AC.
• Impact-resistant and waterproof polycarbonate panels.
• Easy installation.

Modes of Operation:
• Always On

• Power Supply: 230V AC
• Power Consumption: 78W (Internal Illumination), 82W (LED Floodlights)
• Expected lifetime: 10 years
• Power Cable: Brown Wire (Line), Blue Wire (Neutral), Yellow/Green (Earth)
• Working Temperature: -13°F to +185°F (-25°C to +85°C)

• LED Quantity: Floodlights 30 + 30
• CRI: 72
• Color Temperature: 5700K
• Minimum Luminous flux p/LED: 120lm
• Floodlight Luminous flux: 3335lm/each

• Material: Light metal alloy housing made of 2mm thick inox sheet
• Weight: 48.5 lb. (22 kg)
• Protection Index: IP65
• Dimensions: 29.65" (753mm) length x 29.65" (753mm) width x 7.64" (194mm) depth


TS-SR-45 Applications

TS-SR-45 Applications

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