Intelligent Solar
LED Road Stud

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• Use of microcontroller technology.
• Appropriate for regular traffic zones and areas of poor visibility.
• Ideal for road delineation, bends/curves, crosswalks among others applications.
• Only .5" (12.7mm) above road surface.
• Low maintenance, 100% waterproof.
• SLEEP mode to prevent discharge during storage / transport.
• Constant brightness during all functioning period.
• Protection against deep discharge of the batteries / capacitors.
• High performance photovoltaic solar module.
• Energy storage in super capacitors or batteries.
• Internal prismatic system.
• No oxidation problems.
• Up to .62 mile (1 km) visibility distance due to high intensity LEDs.
• Many LED color options available for a wide variety of applications.

Modes of Operation:
• Always On or Flashing

LED Configuration:
• Unidirectional or bidirectional


• LED Quantity: 1 or 2 LEDs (Unidirectional), 2 or 4 LEDs (Bidirectional)
• LED Type: 5mm
• LED Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
• Viewing Angle: 15°

• Material: Polycarbonate
• Mechanical Resistance: 60 tons
• Weight: 1.1 lb. (.5 kg)
• Protection Index: IP68, IK10
• Dimensions: 5.69" (144.6mm) diameter x 1.97" (50mm) height

Other Versions
TS-SR-i15-ICE Intelligent Ice Detector Solar Road Stud:
• Detection of probability of ice formation in critical places.
• Only operates when ice is present.
• Trigger detection given by internal temperature sensor.
• Adjustable trigger detection point before production.


TS-SR-45 Applications

TS-SR-45 Applications

PDOT Experimental Certifcation
Grout Data Sheet
(PDF, 741KB)

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