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TS292 Vehicle Undercarriage
Security Inspection Light

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(Discontinued for new projects. Available to support prior installations only.)

Vehicle Inspection
The TS292 fixture provides excellent illumination of vehicle undercarriages to aid inspectors searching for hidden items such as explosive devices, weapons, illegal drugs and other types of contraband. The light can help enhance security at border crossings, airports, correctional facilities, military bases, courthouses and other government buildings.

Why Our TS292 is Better
• Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy construction.
• Long life lamps (objective life of 2000 hours at full brilliancy).
• Pressure test plug ensures moisture-proof light cavity.
• Prism removal and replacement achieved without need for adhesives or sealants.
• Pre-focused optics simplify maintenance.
• Corrosion resistant powder coat paint finish.
• Available for architectural lighting applications.

• Low profile: .39" (10mm).
• Light channel within .2" (5mm) of grade.
• 8" style: net weight 6.6 lbs. (3kg), gross weight 7.7 lbs. (3.5kg). Carton size: .4 cu. ft. (.011 cu. meters); 9.06" (d) x 9.06" (w) x 5.75" (h) (230mm (w) x 230mm (d) x 146mm (h))

TS292 Vehicle Undercarriage Security Inspection Light
Inspection Lights

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