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Florida's Crosswalk Lighting System Boosts Walkability
The City of Melbourne, Florida recently joined the ever-growing list of cities choosing crosswalk lighting for increased pedestrian safety. The recent Crane Creek Promenade waterfront improvement project included a Traffic Safety Corp. system to improve walkability.
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Manhattan Light Sculpture Features TSC Lights
Over fifty fixtures were used to beautify a cul-de-sac in Battery Park City, near Ground Zero. Sleek, low-profile TS-600s were selected for the project. The lights flash in sequence as part of a multicolored light sculpture at the end of West Thames Street. Read More »
Six Crosswalk Systems Improve Safety at University of North Florida
Six inpavement lighting systems were installed at major student crossings on campus. In addition, speed humps and raised tables were included as part of a scheduled repaving project. These improvements helped reduce speeds and increase pedestrian safety. Read More »
Taking Safety to the Next Level at Denver Pavilions
A new crosswalk was needed at the Pavilions to allow shoppers access to both sides of the center. To enhance safety, the crosswalk was illuminated with in-pavement warning lights from Traffic Safety Corp. Read More »
Bay Area City Pioneers First Solar Powered System to Use TS1000
A need for increased parking lead to pedestrians crossing a busy one lane road. City officials responded by improving safety with crosswalk lighting. Vallejo, CA is now home to its first solar powered in-pavement warning light crosswalk system. Read More »
Solar Safety Systems Help Alleviate Growing Pains
Increased suburban development made roads dangerous for pedestrians in Casa Grande, AZ. When drivers started ignoring crossing guards at Evergreen Elementary School, city officials decided to take action. Read More »
Safer Streets in Minnesota With Snowplow-Proof Fixture
The City of East Grand Forks, MN wanted inpavement lighting to enhance crosswalk safety. Was there a safety system that could compete with extreme winter weather and snowplows? Read More »
TSC Chosen As Superior Safety Solution
A tourist was fatally struck in downtown Hailey, Idaho. City officials wanted to install inpavement lighting to prevent another tragedy. But how could they ensure the safety system would be high quality and effective? Read More »
Combined Lighting Makes Hospital Crosswalk Safer
Patients and employees were at risk using a crosswalk on a blind curve at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Hospital administrators began looking at safety equipment to prevent accidents. Read More »
Journeys Start Safely at Stinson Airport
A recent construction project moved Stinson Municipal Airport's parking across the road. Speeding cars made crossing to the terminal risky for customers. Airport managers started looking for something to help. Read More »
Custom Solution for Medical Building Driveway
Sutter Medical Building's narrow driveway is used by both pedestrians and vehicles. The Building's owner recognized the potential for accidents and began looking for a way to make the driveway safer for pedestrians. Read More »
Crosswalk Systems Make East Coast Campus Safer
The main road running through Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA is also a state highway. Students had suffered close calls and accidents in recent years. Administrators began aggressively looking for a way to improve pedestrian safety. Read More »
Upgradable Systems Provide Long-Term Safety
The City of Woodland installed TSC system at a popular neighborhood park in 2007. After learning more housing was planned for development at the site, city officials decided to add beacons to address anticipated increases in pedestrian traffic. Read More »
Crosswalk Systems Provide Shopper Safety To LA Outlets
Large crowds of patrons in the streets and parking lots of Los Angeles' popular Citadel outlets concerned building owners. They needed to improve safety, but with a solution able to compliment the attractive design of the well-known outlets. Read More »
Traffic Safety Videos TSC Video: Manteca, CA Installation
Pair of Crosswalk Warning Light Systems Improve Safety in Downtown Walnut Creek, CA
High numbers of shoppers crossing four lanes of heavy downtown traffic presented an unsafe situation. To improve safety at two of the busiest crosswalks in its downtown shopping area, Walnut Creek, CA installed two ten-light crosswalk warning light systems from TSC.
Six-Light Safety Solution for Industrial Complex in Vacaville, CA
An industrial company's manufacturing facility was divided by a two-lane road. Employees, as they crossed between parts of the complex, had to compete with heavy truck traffic. To provide a safer working environment, a six-light inpavement warning light system from TSC was installed.
Competing Systems Evaluated in Boise, ID
A ten-light warning light system from TSC and a competing system from another vendor were installed at different mid-block crossings. Each system was evaluated for its effectiveness at improving safety. When the study was completed it showed that the TSC system was more effective at improving safety. After the results of the evaluation were in, three additional systems were ordered from TSC.
First Crosswalk Warning Light System for Phoenix, AZ Employs Unique Design
Phoenix, Arizona's first inpavement crosswalk warning light system consisted of ten unidirectional fixtures positioned in a unique layout. In addition to the standard six-light layout, two fixtures were installed in the median, and one in each lane, pointing 45 degrees inward toward the opposite lane. The unique positioning of the fixtures is intended to enhance the visibility of crosswalk to some drivers, who otherwise might have an obstructed view of the crosswalk.
Children Now have a Safer Path to Local Recreation Center Located in Forsyth County, Georgia
Cars frequently sped down a straightaway in front of a local recreation center where children commonly cross. After an accident occurred, Georgia's Forsyth County installed two TSC crosswalk warning systems, one on Westminster Drive and the other on Westbury Lane, to improve safety. Children now have a safer path to their local recreation center.
Downtown Shopping Safer After Crosswalk Systems Installed in Farmington, NM
Shopper safety was a concern in Farmington, NM. To improve the safety of shoppers and make Farmington a more walkable community, two twelve-light inpavement warning light systems from TSC were installed across Broadway Avenue, in the heart of the busy downtown shopping district.
Mayor of Montoursville Selects Site for Pennsylvania's First Inpavement Crosswalk Warning Light System
A six-light inpavement warning light system was installed on Route 2014 in Montoursville's bustling downtown business district, the first in the state. The installation site was specifically chosen by the mayor of Montoursville to help prevent accidents and reduce jaywalking.
Crosswalk Warning Light System Improves Safety for Students at Virginia Tech University
The four-lane road running through Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA presented a safety challenge to the University. Use of a traffic signal was out of the question because the site didn't meet necessary requirements. A ten-light crosswalk lighting system from TSC provided the perfect solution to improving student safety.
Campus Safety Boosted by Florida's First Inpavement Crosswalk Warning Light System
Florida Southern College located in Lakeland, FL expanded their campus. Soon after the expansion they realized they had a pedestrian safety problem. Students had to cross South Ingram, a busy avenue, to get to the newly expanded campus areas. Three six-light inpavement warning light systems from TSC were installed along South Ingram Avenue to make crossing safer.
Inpavement Warning Light System installed in Front of City Hall in Newport, Rhode Island
The crosswalk in front of Newport's City Hall is used by several hundred pedestrians each day. A six-light system from TSC was installed to improve the safety of the pedestrians. In addition, the crosswalk was elevated, which had the effect of further reducing vehicular speeds and improving the visibility of pedestrians.
Air Force in Texas Employs Crosswalk Lighting Systems to Improve Safety at Bases
Street crossings can always be made safer with inpavement crosswalk warning light systems. Those at military bases are no exception. Safety officers at the Lackland, TX AFB boosted safety with four TSC systems. Safety officers at nearby Randolph AFB installed an additional five TSC systems. The systems were so effective at improving safety that word soon spread overseas to Osan AFB in Korea, where two additional systems were installed.
Village of Granville, Ohio Enhances Crosswalk Safety with TSC Warning System
A popular Granville community project involved converting existing railroad tracks into hiking trails for its residents. One of the City's newly converted trails lead across a busy state route. Granville installed a six-light crosswalk warning light system from TSC to give hikers the means to cross the busy highway more safely.

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