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Pedestrian Detection Pad

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General Description
Developed in direct response to the traffic management industry's demand for a reliable pedestrian detection system, the PEDXPAD may be used as a reliable alternative call device to complement a pedestrian push button station. The PEDXPAD is a complete system composed of three parts: the pad, the pad frame and loop wiring, and the loop detector logic. The loop detector logic interfaces directly to TSC's Crosswalk System Controller. Designed for maximum durability, ease of installation and application flexibility the PEDXPAD provides a reliable means of placing pedestrian calls to a traffic controller or mid-block pedestrian crosswalk system controller, without direct action by the pedestrian other than the presence of the pedestrian on the detector pad.

Why Our PEDXPAD Is Better

Outstanding Durability
• Frame constructed from precision laser-cut reinforced stainless steel.
• Pad made from long lasting EPDM, UV stabilized matting material.

Ease of Installation
• Innovative design allows simple, one person installation without the use of messy sealants.
• Units can be bolted to a concrete pad or set into wet concrete.
• Based on inductive technology, the pads can be easily connected to the loop controller - no polarity concerns.
• Detector pad may be replaced without disconnecting any wiring.

Application Flexibility
• Multiple units can be connected in series or parallel - two pads/curb or four pads/curb.
• Activation weight required for pedestrian calls is adjustable.
• Available in a range of colors - graphics or lettering may be added.

PEDXPAD Ordering Codes

How to Specify the AC-PEDXPAD Pedestrian Detection Pad
Download Specs (Word format)

The pedestrian detection pad shall be model AC-PEDXPAD as marketed by Traffic Safety Corporation or approved equal. In order to be approved equal, the proposed device must satisfy the following requirements:

Standards and Testing - The pedestrian detection system should be tested to United Kingdom Highway Agency (UKHA) Type Approval TR 2130b. standards. The mat should comply with the international standards for tactile.

Frame Construction - The entire pedestrian pad detector shall be housed in a stainless steel, reinforced frame. The dimension of the frame shall be 90 cm (35.4") long, by 60 cm (23.6") wide, with a depth of 10 cm (3.94"). The total weight of the assembly shall be 55 lbs. (35Kg). The frame assembly shall have mounting tabs, located on the base of the unit, to allow the unit to be anchored in place within an existing curb ramp. The detector frame may be installed in a new concrete pour. No sealants should be necessary for installation. All Loop-wire should be contained in framework – no dangling leads to contend with when the mats and cover plate are removed for inspection. The detector assembly shall be provided with the loop feeder cable from the manufacturer to connect to the detector-lead-in cable and of the required length to provide for the intended operation. It shall be possible to remove the detector pad matting for replacement without disconnecting any wiring.

Pad Material - The durable matting shall be manufactured from 100% recyclable material, be made of EPDM material for long lasting heavy duty applications and should be UV stable. The tactile surface shall be colored yellow (unless otherwise specified) for easy of identification by the pedestrian. The surface shall be compliant with the ADA requirements for size and spacing of the tactile dots. Mat should be replaceable. Mats should have the option for graphics or lettering to be molded into the mat.

Loop Inductance - The detector shall offer an inductance to the loop detector of 50 to 100 micro henries and the units may be connected in series with additional units to increase the surface area of detection. The sensitivity of the pedestrian pad detector coupled with the correct selection of sensitivity of the loop detector shall provide reliable detection of a 33 lb. (15Kg) weight.

Loop Detector - The pedestrian detection pad shall provide a reliable means of placing pedestrian calls to a traffic controller or mid-block pedestrian crosswalk controller. The pedestrian pad detector shall interface to the traffic control equipment through the standard NEMA type inductive loop detector equipped with delay timing capabilities. The use of load cells or mechanical switches shall not be permitted. The pedestrian pad detector shall require no direct action by the pedestrian other than the presence of the pedestrian on the detector pad.

Sensitivity - The pedestrian detection pad shall employ a preformed loop and a stainless steel bending plate to provide reliable detection when a weight of 33 lbs. (15Kg) is present on the detector pad.

Operating Temperature Range - The entire assembly shall provide reliable detection over the temperature range of -40°C to +80°C.

Warranty - The AC-PEDXPAD shall be warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for one year from date of shipment and is eligible for TSC's 5-Year Limited System Warranty (Pads Excluded).

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