SafePace 475 Driver Feedback
Radar Speed Sign

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General Description
The SafePace 475 driver feedback sign is an 18" digit, full size radar sign. It can be mounted at multiple locations with a universal mounting bracket and can function autonomously for weeks at a time with optional battery power.

• MUTCD compliant with static "YOUR SPEED" message and highly visible 18" LED digits that are visible from up to 1000 feet away.
• User friendly software interface allows you to manage sign parameters such as threshold speeds and violator strobe remotely
• Ultra low power consumption including the most power-efficient radar technology available, optional solar power, and optional battery power that allows the sign to function autonomously for up to five weeks
• Superior construction and durability for long‐lasting performance
• High strength aluminum sign face and individual optical lenses to protect against vandalism and theft
• Stealth Mode allows the sign to collect baseline traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists

SafePace Sign Camparison
SafePace Series
Radar Sign
Comparison Sheet
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SafePace Sign Camparison
Radar Speed Sign
Case Studies
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SafePace 475 Driver Feedback Radar Speed Sign
Choice of faceplate colors available.
Sign: 42"(h) x 31.5"(w) x 3.5"(d)

Complete solar system available.

Protective Lenses: Sign Digit Close-up View

SafePace 475 specifications

SafePace Sign Dolly

General Description
The SafePace sign dolly offers a compact, portable mounting solution for your SafePace sign.

Portable: Control traffic in multiple locations by parking and locking the SafePace dolly wherever you need it.
Compatibility: Use with the SafePace 100, 250, 450, 475, 550, 625, or 650 sign.
Universal Mounting Bracket: Install and remove radar sign with the simple turn of a key.
Speed Limit Sign: Available with adjustable speed limit sign to remind drivers of the speed they should be driving.
Solar Panel Option: Available with optional solar power for improved energy efficiency.
One Year Warranty.

Height: 62"
Width: 29.5"
Depth: 35.5"
Weight: 63 lb.
Heavy duty 15" wheels
Powder coated black steel tube frame

SafePace Sign Dolly

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