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Studies and Reports

Hawaii Study:
"Evaluation of In-pavement Flashing Lights on a Six-lane Arterial Pedestrian Crossing"
(Because Traffic Safety in-pavement lights are many times brighter than the lights used in the following study, we believe results using our equipment would have been even more favorable. Although inpavement lights were experimental at the time of this study, they were added to the MUTCD in 2000.)
Full Study (PDF, 246K)

Fountain Valley Study:
"Illuminated Crosswalks an Evaluation Study and Policy Recommendations"
Article (PDF, 117K) | Overview (PDF, 45K) | Full Study (PDF, 860K)

Lighting Research Center Study:
"Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety: Evaluating In-Pavement Flashing Warning Lights"
Overview (PDF, 969K) | Full Study (PDF, 1.7Mb)
(Note: TSC recommends push-button activation in almost all situations.)

PDOT Experimental Certifcation
FHWA Report:
Embedded LEDs in Signs

(PDF, 313KB)

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