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Useful Facts


I. Thousands of Pedestrians are Killed or Injured Every Year

A. 5,000 fatalities in 2002

1. 71% in urban areas

2. 89% in normal weather

3. 65% at night

B. 71,000 injuries in 2002

1. One every 7 minutes

C. Source: DOT HS Traffic Safety Facts 2002


II. Contributing Factors

A. Vehicle speed

1. Roads designed to maximize traffic flow

2. Higher speeds increase fatality rates

a. When hit by a car traveling 40 mph, a pedestrian has only a 15% chance of survival

b. At 20 mph, this survival rate increases to 85%

c. Source: UK Dept. of Transportation "Killing Speed and Saving Lives."

B. Visibility

1. Drivers don't see pedestrians because of:

a. Traffic (moving or stopped vehicles can hide pedestrians)

b. Parked cars

c. Weather conditions

d. Other visual obstructions

e. Foliage, curves in the road, etc.


III. Neighborhood Streets are the Most Dangerous

A. Children and seniors are disproportionately at risk

B. Source: Mean Streets

C. CC. Children & seniors accounted for 38% of 76,000 total pedestrian accidents in 2002

D. Source: DOT HS Traffic Safety Facts 2002



IV. Effectiveness of Lighted Crosswalks

A.   Study of 100 lighted crosswalks

1. 427 million vehicle crossings

2. 80% less reported accidents than what's typical for uncontrolled unlighted crosswalks

B. Source: Miller, Rock "In-Pavement Flashing Crosswalks: State of the Art."

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