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Crosswalk Warning Lights | Radar & Flashing LED Signs | Vehicle Inspection Lights

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Anatomy of a High Performance In-Roadway Warning Light System

Controller Flash Patterns

In-Pavement, Recessed Rail Signal Lighting Systems

Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards
Four Pedestrian Detection Photo-Sensor Bollards installed at an office building in Dallas, TX.

Vehicle Guidance and Lane Delineation Lights
In-road lights that mark the center and edge of the lane help drivers anticipate the road alignment ahead. This is especially important on dark, curvy roads during poor visibility conditions, like rain, snow or fog.

In-road lights also can increase the road capacity and reduce congestion by adapting the existing road layout through dynamically changing lane directions and reallocating extra lanes when the volume of traffic demands it.

Wrong Way Warning Lights
Wrong-way, head-on crashes have much higher injury and death rates than other types of accidents. A majority of these collisions occur at night and are caused by impaired, distracted or confused drivers who enter highways going the wrong direction. When coupled with a sensor system, in-road lights will flash to command the attention of errant drivers at exit ramps and other roadways with one-way traffic.

Bike Lane Warning Lights
When it comes to unsafe bike lanes, in-road lights placed along a bike path can be triggered to flash when cyclists are near. The flashing lights help to alert drivers of the presence of cyclists and encourage caution.

Race Track Lights
Over 100 yellow TS-600 lights were installed at the Circuito de Albacete race track in Spain. The lights are used at the exit from the pit stop to indicate the appropriate speed the driver should have before returning to the race track.

TS30/TS40 MUTCD Compliant Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs

TS40 MUTCD Compliant Flashing LED Edge Lit Stop Signs

SafePace 600 Dynamic Messaging Radar Speed Sign
Note: Beacons sold separately. Beacons only flash 24/7
or with a timer, and are not controlled by the radar sign.

TS50 LED Flashing Beacons

TS50 LED Flashing Beacons

TS60-RRFB LED Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon


PowerFlare Beacon

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