XAV2E-LED Push-Button Station for Crosswalk Systems With Audio Caution Message Capability

  • Audio caution message capability.
  • Designed to activate In-Roadway Warning Light Systems.
  • All stations include an instructional sign plate and an ADA-compliant push-button.
  • Download Data Sheet (PDF, 172KB)


General Description

The XAV2E-LED connects to a control unit to enable the triggering of crosswalk lights and can provide a locating tone and a voice message. XAV2E-LED Push-Button Station includes an instructional sign, a push-button housing, a push-button with directional arrow, and a group of three yellow LEDs which flash in sync with the crosswalk lighting.

XAV2E-LED Features

  • XAV2E-LED Push-Button Station includes: an instructional sign, a push-button housing, and a rugged, highly-reliable push-button with raised directional arrow.
  • Station can provide a locating tone (optional) and pre-recorded voice message.
  • Features selectable languages, plus repeatable messages – once, twice, three times, or continuous while warning system is activated.
  • Automatic volume adjustment to ambient sound level via noise monitoring microphone, 10 watt RMS audio amplifier, and built-in speaker.
  • In-unit LEDs are synchronized to crosswalk sign, in-pavement, or overhead lights.
  • Supplied with an 8 conductor terminal block ready for connection directly to an XAVCU2 mounted on the same pole.
  • ADA compliant push-button with directional arrow – field adjustable direction: left, right, up or down.
  • The unit is supplied with mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Data Sheet

Ordering Codes

Ordering Codes

AC-XAV2E-LED: Push-Button Station with Audio Caution Message Capability and Yellow LED Indicators