Safepace Radar Speed Sign Software Options

  • View real time sign data
  • Access all sign stats from one location
  • Download traffic data and reports
  • Set up customized alerts
  • Change settings and parameters
  • Cut down on workforce hours
  • Download Data Sheet (PDF, 211KB)


SafePace Cloud

Control your signs, access data and adjust settings from anywhere, anytime with remote access via SafePace Cloud

General Description

SafePace Cloud offers you the convenience to connect to and control your signs from any Internet connected device. With detailed reporting, customized alerts, and real-time data, you can see stats for each sign, change settings, check batteries and download data without spending time traveling to sign locations. SafePace Cloud is an investment in the performance and success of your SafePace speed signs.


  • View real-time sign data
  • Access all sign stats from one location
  • Download detailed traffic data and reports
  • Set up customized alerts
  • Change settings and parameters
  • Cut down on workforce hours
  • Compatible with all SafePace signs


  • Better Sign Management: Manage all your signs from one screen, accessing more granular data simply and quickly. One-click scheduling lets you update signs individually or simultaneously.
  • Data & Reporting: View at-a-glance updates, access real-time data, see data overview or details, and generate reports to analyze and improve your traffic management program.
  • Mapping: View all your signs from one screen using our interactive mapping tool. Zoom in on individual signs to access detailed stats and/or update settings.
  • Zero Footprint: No software install, no hardware required, access a wealth of intelligent traffic data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Alerts: Set up automated alerts for speeding thresholds, low battery, or tampering. Receive updates via email or text.
  • Improved Efficiency: Improve workforce efficiency and optimize resources by reducing travel time required for sign management.

SafePace Cloud Features

SafePace Data Collection Specifications

Management and Programming

When using either software package, you will be able to set sign parameters, such as:

  • Speed display range
  • Digit and strobe flashing threshold speeds
  • Detection range
  • Operation mode

Settings can either be saved to files and given to other technicians, or used to program other SafePace signs of similar model.

The SafePace Pro software offers some additional advanced features that allow you to:

  • Program radar sign schedules
  • Adjust digit and strobe flashing frequencies
  • View real-time readings (when connected to the sign)
  • View sign location(s) via an integrated mapping tool
  • Customize messages, graphics, and animations to correlate to driver behaviors, road conditions, and notable events (available only with variable messaging signs).

Data Collection and Reporting

“Traffic Statistics at Your Fingertips”

Both software packages include an optional Data Collection feature offering extensive and highly precise traffic information. Utilizing the most accurate doppler radar technology available in the market today, traffic data is stored and collected for later analysis:

  • Total and average vehicle counts
  • Minimum and maximum speeds
  • Average and 85th percentile speeds
  • Total percentage of speed violations

Collected data can be retrieved and downloaded from the sign and viewed in hourly, daily, and weekly increments. Summary reports, weekly reports, and period comparison reports are but just a few of the reports and charts available. All reports can be printed directly or exported in a variety of formats to suit your needs. SafePace Pro offers advanced statics and reporting which allows you to further customize reports and charts to view more granular traffic data. There is no limit on the amount of data collected, and the data is stored indefinitely.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • 1024 x 600 display
  • Bluetooth
  • 25 MB disk space

Data Sheet