SafePace 450 Driver Feedback Radar Speed Sign


General Description

The SafePace 450 driver feedback sign is a portable, lightweight radar sign with full size 15″ digits. It can be mounted at multiple locations with a universal mounting bracket and can function autonomously for weeks at a time with optional battery power. With advanced technology and a full range of features and options, the SafePace 450 is the lightweight sign with full size impact.


  • MUTCD compliant with static “YOUR SPEED” message and highly visible 15″ LED digits that are visible from up to 600 feet away.
  • Available in compact design with 4″ text or with full size 6″ text.
  • User friendly software interface allows you to manage sign parameters such as threshold speeds and violator strobe remotely
  • Ultra low power consumption including the most power-efficient radar technology available, optional solar power, and optional battery power that allows the sign to function autonomously for up to five weeks
  • High strength aluminum sign face and individual optical lenses to protect against vandalism and theft
  • Stealth Mode: Baseline traffic data can be collected for comparison and analysis while speed display appears blank to motorists.
  • Speed Violator Strobe: Programmable flashing strobe alerts drivers to slow down when they exceed the threshold speed you choose.
  • Universal Mounting: Optional mounting brackets let you use one sign at multiple locations with the turn of a key.
  • Superior construction and durability for long‐lasting performance.
  • Compact and standard faceplate sizes available.
  • Choice of faceplate colors available.

SP450 colors

Safepace Cloud

Optional SafePace Cloud Remote Access

SafePace Cloud allows you to remotely access and manage your signs from anywhere, anytime.

  • View real time sign data.
  • Access all sign stats from one location.
  • Download traffic data and reports.
  • Set up customized alerts.
  • Change settings and parameters.
  • Cut down on workforce hours.

More info: Safepace Radar Speed Sign Software Options

Data Sheet


Comparison Chart

SafePace Radar Sign Comparison Chart

SafePace Radar Sign Comparison Chart (PDF, 208KB)

Common Features

  • Aluminum sign face
  • Speed violator strobe
  • 24/7, 365 scheduling
  • Data collection
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Solar compatibility
  • Stealth mode
  • Trailer compatibility
  • 2 year warranty
  • Four sign colors available

safepace comparison chart


SP450 specifications

SP450 specifications