Thousands of Traffic Safety Corporation lighting installations are making streets safer for pedestrians across the U.S.

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We offer a 5-Year Warranty - the longest in the industry - on inpavement crosswalk warning systems. For over 20 years, we’ve been building high quality, certified traffic products.

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Inpavement lighting fixtures for every application

  • Uplighted LED Road Stud (TS-SR-20VL)
  • Uplighted LED Road Stud (TS-SR-15VL)
  • 360° Uplighted LED Road Stud (TS-SR-35VL)
  • Bicycle Path Light (TS-SR-i35)
  • Road Guidance Light (TS-SR-i15)
  • Crosswalk Warning Inpavement Light (TS-SR-45)
  • Crosswalk Warning Inpavement Light (TS-SR-50)
  • Road Guidance Light (TS-SR-70)

Traffic Safety Corporation inpavement lighting systems deliver safety and security in a wide range of applications.

Crosswalk Lighting Systems

Our flashing crosswalk warning light systems alert drivers to pedestrians in the roadway. Flashing inpavement fixtures calm traffic both day and night.

Architectural & Building Lighting

Lighting systems around buildings augment visibility and beautify architecture. Use our architectural systems to create lighting environments.

Lane Delineation & Vehicle Guidance

Keep drivers aware of their lane in tunnels and during intense weather conditions by employing our lane delineation and vehicle guidance systems.

Traffic Signal Light

Augment traffic signals with flashing inpavement lighting fixtures that alert drivers. Prevent serious accidents with our traffic signal warning systems.

Under Vehicle Inspection Light

Designed to aid with inspections at security checkpoints, our vehicle inspection systems provide high intensity lighting of vehicle undercarriages.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Pathway

Inpavement lights improve safety in recreation areas by illuminating dark areas and defining path with our bicycle and pedestrian pathway systems.

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Latest News

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Traffic Safety Corporation is committed to continuously providing innovative traffic lighting and pedestrian safety products that enhance walkability and make streets safer for everyone.

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