Solar powered radar signs flash speeds digitally

Radar speed signs (also called radar signs, speed signs, or digital speed limit signs or “Your Speed” signs) are an effective and affordable solution for slowing cars down. Radar signs flash speeds digitally, displaying the speed of approaching vehicles in realtime. Flashing speed signs remind drivers of posted speed limits. Studies show radar speed signs produce 10-20% reductions in average roadway speeds, and long-term increases in compliance with speed limits.

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Radar sign features

  • Solar powered or AC hardwired
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Speed capping to prevent misuse
  • Integrated warning strobe
  • Portable, lightweight
  • Impact resistant

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2 Year Warranty

2 years construction warranty on radar signs.


Easy Installation

Easy solar power or hardwired installation.

Simple Maintenance

Lightweight, portable, easy to maintain.

Thousands of radar speed signs from Traffic Safety Corporation are making streets safer across the U.S.

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Radar Speed Signs - FAQ

Are your radar speed signs available in a solar powered option?

Yes, the complete line of radar speed indicator signs from Traffic Safety Corporation are available in a solar powered option.


What are the lowest speeds your radar signs register?

TSC radar signs can indicate speeds as low as 4 – 5 MPH and up to 99 MPH.


What kind of poles are required for mounting a digital speed sign?

Any typical round or square shaped pole will work. We offer a 4.5″ round aluminum pole and 2″x2″ Telespar, square pole. Please request poles in you need them included in your quote. Please note that a U-channel shaped sign pole won’t work. U-channel type poles will not support the weight of a radar sign, and are likely to bend due to the added weight.

Do radar speed signs include the required mounting hardware? 

Banding strips are included.  We do offer a Universal Mounting Bracket.


Does the radar speed limit sign include software?

The data storage feature is not included. Access to the cloud is not included. If you’d like that added, simply let us know and we’ll add those features to your quote. Learn more about the cloud software packages available.


What are typical lead times for radar speed limit sign?

Typical lead times for signs are 5 weeks, generally. Lead times can vary depending on if the signs are custom, or the quantity of radar signs in your order.

Are solar panels and batteries included with radar speed indicator signs?

Yes, when you order a solar powered speed sign, the solar panel and the battery are both included.


Is there a discount available if I buy more than one sign?

We do not offer a quantity discount on radar signs at this time.


Do you need any special permissions to install a radar speed limit sign?

Most people install radar signs with no issues at all. If you’d like to be certain, just check with your local Department of Transportation or city officials. If you’d like to use an optional sign dolly, or sign trailer, those are also available.