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Journeys Start Safely at Stinson Airport

Journeys Start Safely at Stinson Airport

A recent construction project moved Stinson Municipal Airport’s parking across the road. Speeding cars made crossing to the terminal risky for customers. Airport managers started looking for something to help.

Stinson Municipal Airport’s recent terminal expansion project relocated parking across the street. Customers began crossing a rural road where speeds are often unpredictable. Airport managers recognized the need to address customer safety. Morris Martin, Maintenance Coordinator at Stinson, explains, “We had to find a safe way to channel foot traffic between the parking and the terminal.”

The airport hired Beaty Palmer Architects to find the best way to add safety to the site. Project Manager Cory Hawkins researched their options, “We searched for a solution on the Internet, trying to identify one that would meet the requirements of the project. We finally identified inpavement crosswalk warning light systems as a good solution. After evaluating a number of system suppliers we decided on the system designed by Traffic Safety Corp. (TSC). We presented the TSC solution to our client and they liked it.”

National Sales Manager, Charles Cunningham, helped configure the system with appropriate components, “This is a reliever airport, so you have a lot of people carrying luggage with one hand, and maybe a child with the other. Pushbutton activation wouldn’t be convenient so we decided to use a pair of pedestrian pads (Ped-X-Pads) at each entrance. Travelers activate the system as they approach the crosswalk by standing on any part of the six-foot wide detection area. Using Ped-X-Pads makes a safer walking environment by eliminating any obstructions, like poles, from crosswalk entrances. Finally, we considered the right fixtures to use. Because of the density of foot traffic, and the state of mind of people hurrying to and from the terminal, the TS-600 fixture was chosen. The TS-600 provides a safe, flat area for travelers to walk on, as well as wheel their luggage across.”

Next, it was up to Chris Adelman to install the equipment, “The installation process was straight forward and easily completed. Most importantly, the system worked perfectly. The level of support provided by TSC was especially appreciated. I was impressed when I first saw the system in operation. All that was required for activation was for someone to step on the pad. The lights began flashing and the cars would slow down and stop. The airport was glad to see the system in operation, providing a safer crossing for travelers. The real benefit is the system’s ability to increase driver awareness of pedestrian traffic. Now when they see the flashing lights they slow down and stop.”

Design Engineer Cory Hawkins also commented on changes in driver behavior, “Drivers are definitely taking notice of people standing on the curb waiting to cross. They’re slowing down to below school zone speeds. After the crosswalk installation, drivers traveled at 5 miles per hour, whereas before the speeds were typically 15 miles per hour. Now they even slow for people still standing at the curb. I think people like the system. It helps make drivers aware of pedestrians at crossings. The airport management certainly appreciates the features of the system.”

Stinson’s crosswalk system was designed with the needs of travelers in mind. Flush lighting and hands-free activation make it convenient for travelers to slow traffic. The TSC crosswalk warning light system helps ensure each journey begins and ends safely.

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