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Manhattan Light Sculpture Features TSC Lights

Manhattan Light Sculpture Features TSC Lights

Over fifty fixtures were used to beautify a cul-de-sac in Battery Park City, near Ground Zero. Sleek, low-profile TS-600s were selected for the project. The lights flash in sequence as part of a multicolored light sculpture at the end of West Thames Street.

Battery Park City on Manhattan’s Lower West Side is an upscale area of the city with multi-million dollar apartments located right outside the financial district. When a dimly lit cul-de-sac was targeted for improvement, the City Authority wanted it done with style. They turned to award-winning Audrey Matlock Architects for guidance.

The firm developed an artistic way to illuminate the area. Audrey Matlock describes the design, “It’s a light sculpture, an art installation. The lights are arranged in a radiating circular pattern. There’s diamond steel plating and strips of concrete in the middle. Lights are placed in the different parts of the circle.” There were specific considerations to make in selecting materials. She continues, “We were looking for a fixture we could use in the roadway. It had to be snowplowable, driveable, and attractive. We wanted LED lighting for the least amount of maintenance. Traffic Safety Corporation’s (TSC) TS-600 light fixture met all these requirements. It’s a good product, and they worked out really well.”

Fully-flush TS-600 fixtures were customized with yellow and blue LEDs. The array was set to run automatically by adjusting settings on the TSC system controller. The flexibility of the controller allowed them to run everything without activation devices. Mike Manteo, with PJS Electric, Inc., lead the installation, “This project was unique for us, we’d never seen anything like it. It was our first time using in-ground lighting, but the instructions made it all pretty intuitive. We read over the instructions before
doing the work, called a local rep and had our questions answered right away. The equipment was great, and so were the results.”

Once everything was hooked up Mike saw the lights in action, “We activated it during the day, stood back, and were surprised by the brightness of the LEDs. They were impressive even during the day. At night they were extremely bright, even lighting up the ground around them. Aubrey Matlock’s team deserves credit for doing a great job. They orchestrated the activation so the lights flash in sequence, it’s really something.”

Shahidul H. Joarder, PE Lead Electrical Engineer with Dewberry, was consulted on more technical aspects of the project. “After seeing the system up and running for the first time, I was proud. It’s really an art project, more about form than function. Spotlights shoot up into the sky, and others are controlled to flash in order. I’m excited to bring my family over there to check it out. It looks great with the multicolored lights.”

Chris Pagnielli of Traffic Systems Inc. was the local TSC rep covering the project. “All involved were happy with the outcome. They really like the TS-600 fixture and the flexibility of the controller. Support on our end was above and beyond. We answered questions quickly for the customer from the quote process on down. We worked closely with the electrical engineer and covered all the details. TSC headquarters did a fantastic job expediting the shipment at the customer’s request. The results are great. The system really alters the space in an attractive way. It looks good and makes a big difference.”