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Crosswalk Systems Provide Shopper Safety To LA Outlets

Crosswalk Systems Provide Shopper Safety To LA Outlets

Large crowds of patrons in the streets and parking lots of Los Angeles’ popular Citadel outlets concerned building owners. They needed to improve safety, but with a solution able to compliment the attractive design of the well-known outlets.

The crosswalk warning systems at Los Angeles’ Citadel outlets are eye-catching in more ways than one. Flashing inpavement lights are grabbing drivers’ attention and the installation site is getting noticed for its good looks. Designer Ricardo Garcia with Awbrey Cook and McGill Architects considers the project a success on both counts, “It works well and it looks great. I know the owners are happy. It’s not a system that’s big or obtrusive, it’s not an eyesore. On the contrary, it’s cool looking and blends into the environment when not in use.”

Mr. Garcia chose Traffic Safety Corp. (TSC) products for more than just their visual appeal, “We searched for a system that had the best features. Several manufacturers were evaluated. We specified the TSC system based on its safety enhancement features, level of support, ease of installation, and warranty coverage. It met all our requirements and represented the best value.”

A custom configuration was selected for the application. Each system uses three TS501 stainless steel uni-directional lights activated by pushbuttons that present a voice caution message to pedestrians when depressed. Two main crosswalks were outfitted with the systems to create a pedestrian safety zone along the busy one-lane street leading to the outlet’s main parking area.

This was ESI Contracting’s first installation of an inpavement lighting system. ESI Project Manager Patrick Birkner shares his experience, “The instructions were great. They were easy to follow and were what I like to call, ‘installer-friendly’. One thing more I’ll say about this project is that we had great technical support. The day the system was shipped to us, TSC called and provided a pre-installation briefing to our field project manager. On site, when we needed information, TSC’s technical staff was quick to respond with information that helped us through the project. It’s great when you have good technical support.”

Citadel owners insisted on keeping control equipment out of sight. Installers got creative and housed everything in a nearby office building. ESI installer Roberto Quintero explains, “The controllers were installed above the ceiling. Power and crosswalk cabling was connected and channeled across the ceiling and out to the fixtures and pushbuttons. Since everything in the controller was color coded and clearly labeled, it was easy. Everything went smoothly. After the inspection, the owner was very pleased. He was satisfied with the performance of the systems, and with the way the installation blended in with the shopping environment.”

The lighting systems are changing driver behavior and keeping shoppers safe. Designer Ricardo Garcia describes the results, “It serves its intended purpose. It’s obvious to the pedestrians where they need to cross, and it alerts drivers that the crosswalk is in use. Drivers are responding like they should, slowing down, and stopping.” Phil Palisoul, with Craig Realty Group, the outlet’s owners, remarked, “Personally, I love it. I think it’s great. It does exactly what we intended it to do. We’re looking to use them in other locations around the center, and at other locations we have around the country…I’d recommend the use of the TSC system to anyone who cares about pedestrian safety.”

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