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Upgradable Systems Provide Long-Term Safety

Upgradable Systems Provide Long-Term Safety

The City of Woodland installed TSC system at a popular neighborhood park in 2007. After learning more housing was planned for development at the site, city officials decided to add beacons to address anticipated increases in pedestrian traffic.

Maintaining pedestrian safety becomes more difficult as cities grow. In 2007, Woodland, CA installed a Traffic Safety Corp (TSC) crosswalk lighting system to provide residents of a large neighborhood safe access to their local park. As the city has grown, officials have addressed changing pedestrian safety needs with their upgradable TSC system.

City Engineer, Jair Camacho, was pleased with the added safety provided by the system. When he learned that another tract of homes would be added to the neighborhood, he realized that safety conditions would change. He decided to enhance the system with beacons to address the anticipated increase in pedestrian traffic.

Jair contacted TSC’s dealer for California, Ed Campbell, for information on how to add the beacons. Ed explained that the system could run the beacons after the controller was upgraded to a new TS1000. The system’s reusable infrastructure would facilitate the simple plug-and-play procedure.

This infrastructure helps communities maximize their return on investment. Systems can be upgraded and enhanced over their useful life of twenty years, or more. Ted Vaeches, Marketing Manager with TSC explains how, “We’re currently upgrading halogen lamp fixtures installed in the mid-90’s with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. At the same time, our controllers, which are mounted on removable back panels to allow for easy upgrade, are being upgraded to our new TS1000. Reusing the infrastructure minimizes both the cost and effort involved in an upgrade.”

Reusing the infrastructure helps save money during resurfacing or other roadwork projects. Fixtures are simply removed and base cans are covered while work is performed. Afterward, spacers are used to reinstall fixtures at the proper height. This important capability significantly extends the life of the system and minimizes its lifetime cost.

After the discussion, Ed arranged for TSC System Engineer, Rick Heiser, to oversee Woodland’s controller upgrade. Ed commented on the results, “Jair and his crew were pleased with our responsiveness and support. The entire TS1000 and beacon upgrade was completed in less than a day.”

Upgrading to the new, patent pending TS1000 equipped the Woodland system with additional safety features. Choosing one of the controller’s MUTCD compliant, enhanced flash patterns helps draw driver attention to the crossing sooner. Alternatively, they could automatically sequence through all enhanced patterns. Having the system display a different pattern for each activation improves the system’s ability to draw driver attention to the crosswalk over the life of the system.

Woodland, CA understands the benefits of installing a TSC system designed for long-term use. The reusable infrastructure and replaceable, upgradeable controller back panels help city officials respond to changing pedestrian safety needs in growing communities. These features make implementing new technology economical and extend the life of the system. Woodland’s enhanced system will safeguard many more pedestrians as the city continues to grow.

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