VPR-26 Microwave Vehicle Motion Sensor


General Description

The VPR-26 is a microwave motion sensor that will identify a vehicle moving in its detection pattern and then trigger the operation of a traffic controller. By utilizing microwave technology, this sensor provides accurate and consistent vehicle detection that is not affected by temperature, humidity, color or background variations. The sensor easily mounts above ground, requires no pavement cuts and can be installed with minimal traffic disruption.


  • Activating crosswalk warning lights, signs and beacons.
  • Activating message or warning signs.
  • Activating temporary signals in work zones.
  • Removing traffic signals from recall due to malfunctioning loops.

Data Sheet



  • Model Number: VPR-26
  • Operating Frequency: 24 GHz +/- 25 MHz
  • Detection Method: Doppler Microwave Detection With Continuous Motion
  • Range/Detection: 350 feet (106 meters) / Approach, Depart, Bi-direction
  • Angle (Adjustable, Tilt & Swivel): Horizontal: 18°, Vertical: 9°
  • Response Time: 0.2 Seconds With Adjustable Time Delay (0.2-8.0 seconds)
  • Power Requirements/Current Consumption: 12V to 24V AC or DC and solar power / 75 mA (0.075 Amps)
  • Relay Output: NC/NO/COM
  • Temperature: -35°F to +165°F (-37°C to +75°C)
  • Weight/Size: 1.55 lb. (0.7 kg) / 7.5″ x 6″ x 5.5″ (19cm x 15.2cm x 14cm)
  • Color: Royal Blue