Bicycle Path Light (TS-SR-i35)

360° Intelligent Solar LED Road Stud



  • Use of microcontroller technology.
  • Well-suited for road areas with cycling infrastructures and pedestrian zones.
  • Bicycle friendly, only .67″ (17mm) above road surface.
  • 360° lighting.
  • Low maintenance, 100% waterproof.
  • SLEEP mode to prevent discharge during storage / transport.
  • Constant brightness during all functioning period.
  • Protection against deep discharge of the batteries / capacitors.
  • High performance photovoltaic solar module.
  • Energy storage in super capacitors or batteries.
  • Internal prismatic system.
  • Many LED color options available for a wide variety of applications.

Data Sheet

How to Specify


Modes of Operation:

  • Always On or Flashing

LED Configuration:

  • Multidirectional



  • LED Quantity: 4 LEDs (Multidirectional)
  • LED Type: 5mm
  • LED Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Viewing Angle: 15°


  • Material: Aluminum and Polycarbonate
  • Mechanical Resistance: 18 tons
  • Weight: 2.2 lb. (1 kg)
  • Protection Index: IP68, IK10
  • Dimensions: 5.71″ (145mm) diameter x 3.5″ (89mm) height


TS-SR-i35 dimensions

TS-SR-i35 installation

Ordering Codes

Ordering Codes

Flashing (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4W-F-C: 4 LED, White, Flashing (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4R-F-C: 4 LED, Red, Flashing (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4Y-F-C: 4 LED, Yellow, Flashing (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4B-F-C: 4 LED, Blue, Flashing (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4G-F-C: 4 LED, Green, Flashing (With Capacitor)

Always ON (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4W-A-C: 4 LED, White, Always ON (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4R-A-C: 4 LED, Red, Always ON (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4Y-A-C: 4 LED, Yellow, Always ON (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4B-A-C: 4 LED, Blue, Always ON (With Capacitor)
TS-SR-i35-4G-A-C: 4 LED, Green, Always ON (With Capacitor)

Flashing (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4W-F-B: 4 LED, White, Flashing (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4R-F-B: 4 LED, Red, Flashing (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4Y-F-B: 4 LED, Yellow, Flashing (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4B-F-B: 4 LED, Blue, Flashing (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4G-F-B: 4 LED, Green, Flashing (With Battery)

Always ON (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4W-A-B: 4 LED, White, Always ON (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4R-A-B: 4 LED, Red, Always ON (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4Y-A-B: 4 LED, Yellow, Always ON (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4B-A-B: 4 LED, Blue, Always ON (With Battery)
TS-SR-i35-4G-A-B: 4 LED, Green, Always ON (With Battery)

• Cable standard (included): 0.75mm² wire section.
• Different cable layouts and length should be requested upon order.
• Standard mode: Always ON. For flashing or sequential mode, a microcontroller is required.

TS-SR-i35 ordering codes