SafePace 700 Variable Messaging Driver Feedback Radar Speed Sign


General Description

The SafePace 700 variable messaging sign offers variable messaging with extra large 18″ LED digits. The SafePace 700 variable messaging sign allows you to display the message of your choice while displaying vehicle speeds in bright, large digits that can be seen even from a distance. With fully customizable text and graphics, the SafePace 700 is ideal for a variety of road conditions and situations.


  • MUTCD compliant full matrix radar sign with two rows of customizable text and 18″ digits
  • Message displayed can be determined by driver speed
  • Allows for animated text or graphics such as moving arrows or a scrolling message
  • Unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system provides brilliant visibility even in poor lighting
  • Ultra low power consumption including the most power-efficient radar technology available and optional solar power
  • High strength aluminum sign face and individual optical lenses to protect against vandalism and theft
  • Stealth Mode: Baseline traffic data can be collected for comparison and analysis while speed display appears blank to motorists.
  • Speed Violator Strobes: Programmable flashing strobes alert drivers to slow down when they exceed the threshold speed you choose.
  • Superior construction and durability for long‐lasting performance.
  • Choice of faceplate colors available.

SP700 colors

Safepace Cloud

Optional SafePace Cloud Remote Access

SafePace Cloud allows you to remotely access and manage your signs from anywhere, anytime.

  • View real time sign data.
  • Access all sign stats from one location.
  • Download traffic data and reports.
  • Set up customized alerts.
  • Change settings and parameters.
  • Cut down on workforce hours.

More info: Safepace Radar Speed Sign Software Options

Data Sheet


Comparison Chart

SafePace Radar Sign Comparison Chart

SafePace Radar Sign Comparison Chart (PDF, 209KB)

Common Features

  • Aluminum sign face
  • Speed violator strobe
  • 24/7, 365 scheduling
  • Data collection
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Solar compatibility
  • Stealth mode
  • Trailer compatibility
  • 2 year warranty
  • Four sign colors available

safepace comparison chart


SP700 specifications

SP700 specifications