4EVR Push-Button Station

  • Designed to activate warning light systems.
  • All stations include an instructional sign plate and an ADA-compliant push-button.
  • Download Data Sheet (PDF, 208KB)


General Description

Our 4EVR push-button stations are designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk to activate warning light systems. All stations include an instructional sign plate and an ADA-compliant push-button.

4EVR Push-Button Station

The 4EVR is a trusted pedestrian push-button solution that continues to deliver reliability, long-life, and state-of-the-art quality. Its high strength machined aluminum construction has proven to survive impacts and is vandal-resistant. An LED and audible tone provide the pedestrian with feedback that a call has been placed. Feedback options include: Latching LED and audible “dee dah” tone, momentary LED and audible “dee dah” tone, and no LED and audible “dee dah” tone. The 4EVR can be configured with latching/momentary or no LED. In the latching mode, the pilot light is lit when the call is placed and remains on until the walk display is energized. All push-buttons on the phase are synchronized. Latching mode requires a PBI-L or PBIC-L. The 4EVR Push-Button Station includes an instructional sign, a push-button for activating the flashing lights, and a push-button frame.

4EVR Features

  • 4EVR Push-Button Station includes: a 9″x12″ instructional sign, a push-button, and push-button frame.
  • MUTCD, TAC, and ADA Compliant
  • Exceeds NEMA transient requirements
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Cannot be stuck in constant call
  • Superior machined aluminum body
  • Stainless steel button actuator
  • Impact and vandal-resistant
  • Proven solid state piezo switch
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Digitally controlled
  • LED and audible tones
  • 5 year warranty

Wireless 4EVR Push Button Station Signs Beacons

Data Sheet


4EVR Specifications


  • Visual: LED Super bright Red
  • Audible: Dee 2300 Hz – Dah 2000 Hz
  • Latching Mode: LED with PBI-L
  • Tactile: Optional tactile arrow


  • Operating Voltage DC: 18 – 24 VDC
  • Operating Voltage AC: 12 – 17 VAC
  • On Resistance: < 150 ohms
  • Operating Mode: Normally Open
  • Closure Dwell: 150 ms
  • Maximum Terminal Voltage During Closure: 1.5 V
  • Switch: Piezo electric, solid state switch


  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Operating Life: 300 x 106


  • Operating Force: < 3 lbf
  • Actuator Size: 2 inches


  • Bezel: Aluminum
  • Actuator: Stainless Steel
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coat

Form Factor

  • Round: 3″ OD / 4 hole, 2 hole (9-3, 10-2)
  • Color: Yellow, Black

Ordering Codes

Ordering Codes

AC-4EVRBDSP: 4EVR Push-Button with Stainless Steel Button (frame and sign not included)
AC-4EVRBDSPFS: 4EVR Push-Button Station with Stainless Steel Button (frame and sign included)

Body Color* Options
– B: Black
– Y: Yellow
– BR: Braille on Sign Plate
* Contact TSC for other colors.