Guardian APS Push-Button Station for Flashing Signs, RRFBs & Beacons With Audio Caution Message Capability

  • Audio caution message capability.
  • Designed to activate TS40 Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs, TS50 Beacons, or TS60 RRFBs.
  • All stations include an instructional sign plate and an ADA-compliant push-button.
  • Download Data Sheet (PDF, 466KB)


General Description

The Guardian APS 4-Wire Push-Button Station comes with a Bluetooth® option, and is ready to install out of the box. A four conductor cable connects the Signal Power Interface (SPI) in the pedestrian signal head to the pedestrian station. The housing, machined from solid 6061 T6 AL and stainless steel materials, is virtually vandal proof. The ADA compliant push-button is designed to withstand severe impact. The Guardian provides essential information and audible indications required by the MUTCD and TAC, making the intersection accessible for all pedestrians. All sounds emanate from the front and side of the station where the pedestrian is positioned to enter into the crosswalk. A face plate and sign, with security mounting hardware, make it the most robust APS station on the market.

Guardian APS Features

  • PedConnex™ and PedConnex™ BT are factory supplied downloadable software for USB and Bluetooth® interface allowing station configuration and customization.
  • PedConnex™ BT and the optional Bluetooth® module operate with Android, and iOS apps are password protected.
  • Out of the box and on to the pole, pre-programmed and customized for plug-and-play installation at the intersection.
  • Quick button set-up and recovery for replacement / knockdown.
  • Fail safe default reverts to standard push-button operation in flash.
  • Agency or factory generated audible indication files are easily uploaded to PedConnex™ and transferred via Bluetooth or USB connectivity.
  • Quite Signal Technology (QST™) includes firmware settings for time of day functionality combined with port baffles that provide sound directionality – not 360° uncontrolled broadcasting
  • Intersection phase sound sync.
  • Beaconing functionality is designed into the Guardian.
  • External speaker option available at the time of order.
  • Off Mode function operates as a latching PPB with Dee Dah acknowledgment.
  • Configuration profiles provide consistency for residential, business, and heavy traffic installations.

Data Sheet


Guardian APS Specifications


  • Operating Temperature: -30°F to +165°F (-34°C to +74°C)
  • Operating Force: 3.0 Maximum
  • MTFB: 1,200,000 hrs. (136 years)
  • Switch Operating Life: Greater than 100 Million Operations
  • Maximum Volume: 100 dB @ 1 meter


  • Functionality: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Piezo Control; MUTCD 2009 – 4 E
  • Temperature and Humidity: NEMA TS2
  • Transient Voltage Protection: NEMA TS2
  • Transient Suppression: IEC 610000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5
  • Electronic Noise: FCC Title 47, Part 15 Class B
  • Mechanical Shock and Vibration: NEMA TS2
  • Guardian PBS Enclosure: NEMA 250 – Type 4X
  • Electrical Reliability: NEMA TS4
  • Bluetooth® Specification: Bluetooth® SIG member

* All certifications performed by Certified Independent Testing Laboratories.

Guardian APS Audio Caution Push Button Station

Ordering Codes

Ordering Codes

AC-CAMPBELL-AUDIBLE: Guardian APS Push-Button Station with Audio Caution Message Capability

– BR: Braille on Sign Plate