Guardian Wave Touchless Accessible Pedestrian Station

  • Touchless actuation for a germ-free crossing experience
  • Place a call with the wave of a hand
  • Available to all pedestrians without smart devices, and doesn’t require a proprietary app.
  • Out of the box and on to the pole, pre-programmed and customized for true plug and play installation at the intersection
  • Download Data Sheet (PDF, 158KB)


General Description

Guardian Wave™ is an independent 4-wire accessible pedestrian signal, equipped with a non-contact infrared actuation sensor. Pedestrians place a call by waving a hand in front of the wave icon (1″-3″ near the physical actuator).

The Guardian Wave is ready to install out of the box and does not require any additional equipment in the intersection control cabinet. A four-conductor cable connects the Signal Power Interface (SPI) in the pedestrian signal head to the pedestrian station. The housing is machined from solid 6061 T6 AL and stainless-steel materials, making it extremely vandal resistant and able to withstand severe impacts. The Guardian provides essential information via visual and audible indications required by the MUTCD and TAC, making the intersection accessible for all pedestrians. All sounds emanate from the front and side of the station where the pedestrian is positioned to enter the crosswalk. The Guardian comes complete with station body and ADA compliant push-button, sign, SPI module, and mounting hardware.

Bluetooth® is an optional add-on module that allows the agency to configure the push-button settings wirelessly with a Bluetooth enabled smart device via the PedConnex™ app (Windows, Android, iOS).

Bump™ NFC w/ Bluetooth utilizes the Bluetooth add-on with additional NFC for non-contact actuation functionality. A pedestrian can simulate a button press by placing their NFC enabled smart device near the Guardian Bluetooth module via the PedCross™ app (Windows, Android, iOS). Agencies will enjoy the previously mentioned Bluetooth benefits.


  • Touchless actuation for a germ-free crossing experience
  • Available to all pedestrians without smart devices, and doesn’t require a proprietary app.
  • Out of the box and on to the pole, pre-programmed and customized for true plug and play installation at the intersection
  • PedConnex and PedConnex Bluetooth are downloadable software applications for USB and Bluetooth interface allowing configuration and customization. (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Quiet Signal Technology™ includes settings for time of day, day of week functionality, and port baffles that provide sound directionality where and when you want it
  • Configuration profiles can be saved and downloaded for quick button set-up and recovery in knockdown situations
  • Fail-safe default reverts to standard push-button operation in the event of power loss, to keep intersections running safely
  • A variety of display sizes and legends with security hardware provide a customized, secured pedestrian station
  • Low power consumption allows Guardian to work properly with RRFBs and solar mid-block crossings
  • Hardware options allow Guardian to be extended and re-oriented to make difficult installations meet MUTCD, AASHTO, and TAC guidelines

Data Sheet


Operating Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range: -30°F to +165°F (-34°C to +74°C)
  • Operating Force: 3.0 Maximum
  • MTFB: 1,200,000 Hours (136 Years)
  • Switch Operating Life: Greater than 100 Million Operations
  • Maximum Volume: 100 dB @ 1 Meter

Design Compliance

  • Functionality: MUTCD 2009 – 4 E
  • Temperature & Humidity: NEMA TS2
  • Transient Voltage Protection: NEMA TS2
  • Transient Suppression: IEC 610000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5
  • Electronic Noise: FCC Title 47, Part 15 Class B
  • Mechanical Shock & Vibration: NEMA TS2
  • Guardian PBS Enclosure: NEMA 250 – Type 4X
  • Electrical Reliability: NEMA TS4
  • Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth SIG Member

1. Applicable sections only of referenced standards
2. All specifications are subject to change without notice
3. All specifications are typical unless otherwise specified
4. All certifications performed by certified independent testing laboratories

Guardian Wave Touchless Accessible Pedestrian Station Dimensions

Ordering Codes

Ordering Codes

Product Code Voice Configuration Sign Laminate Sign/Adapter Plate Sign Legend
KB: Guardian Wave G: Generic Voice Messages
C: Custom Voice Messages
1: None
2: DG3
3: Engineer Grade
4: MN Grade
0: 5 x 7.75″
1: 9 x 12″
2: 9 x 15″
00: No Sign
01: R10-3B
02: R10-3E
03: R10-4B
04: R10-3D
05: R10-2
06: R10-4
07: R10-3
08: R10-3i
09: R10-25
11: R62D
12: R10-3A
13: R10-3 WAVE
14: R10-24
15: R10-3B DC
16: R10-3E AZ
2X: Misc. Legend
Sign Arrow Configuration Station Color Actuator Color Hardware Options Add On Options
1: Double Sided (Left & Right Arrow)
2: Double Arrow
3: No Arrow
4: Right Arrow (Film Grade and Braille Only)
5: Left Arrow (Film Grade and Braille Only)
1: Yellow
2: Green
3: Texture Black
4: Caltrans Yellow
5: Gloss Black
6: Clear Coat (Natural AL)
9: Other
B: Gloss Black
W: Gloss White
C: Clear Coat (Natural AL)
P: Standard (Philips)
T: Pinned Torx
BR: Braille
BT: Bluetooth