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Safer Streets in Minnesota With Snowplow-Proof Fixture

Safer Streets in Minnesota With Snowplow-Proof Fixture

The City of East Grand Forks, MN wanted inpavement lighting to enhance crosswalk safety. Was there a safety system that could compete with extreme winter weather and snowplows?

Pedestrian safety becomes increasingly difficult during winter months. Drivers need earlier warning as braking distances increase on icy, wet roads. Inpavement lighting equipment can be installed to keep pedestrians safe. But for cities with severe winter weather, finding safety equipment durable enough to compete with sub-zero temperatures and snowplows can be a challenge.

When the City of East Grand Forks, MN identified an unsafe crosswalk, they decided to install safety lighting. They turned to Floan-Sanders Engineering for a recommendation. Floan-Sanders Engineer, Jarda Solc, researched various solutions. He discovered Traffic Safety Corporation (TSC) products durable enough to compete with the Midwest’s winter weather, “In this area, with anything that goes inpavement, you have to consider the freeze-thaw cycle. It has to be designed so you don’t have to make repairs every spring. I saw online TSC had some projects up in Alaska, in similar climates, and thought it might be feasible here.”

TSC systems using the TS-600 light fixture are ideal for snowplow areas. Its fully-flush profile allows snowplow blades to pass over without damage. Like every TSC fixture, the TS-600 is designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures and enormous pressures exerted underground during the yearly freeze-thaw cycle. The system was ordered and it was soon time for installation.

Charles Cunningham, TSC National Sales Manager and Ben Gloyd were present during installation to lend their expertise and assistance. Tom Stenseth, Project Inspector of Floan-Sanders Engineering, appreciated the level of support TSC provided during the install, “The Traffic Safety people we had on site were very helpful. They gave a good presentation and showed a demonstration of the system. It was helpful to see it.”

Increasing driver awareness of pedestrians during winter months is especially important in regions with intense winter weather. TS-600 fixtures from TSC are snowplow-proof and highly durable. These features make them the ideal choice for bringing life-saving inpavement warning lights to snowy areas. The citizens of East Grand Forks, MN enjoy the added safety provided by the system throughout each year.

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