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Crosswalk Lights in Pawtucket, Rhode Island Installed to Improve Safety

Crosswalk Lights in Pawtucket, Rhode Island Installed to Improve Safety

How do cities respond to communities seeking safer crosswalks? Crosswalk lights. The City of Pawtucket Rhode Island installed two different systems of LED crosswalk lights – both effective technologies proven to improve pedestrian safety.

City staff decided on an inpavement crosswalk warning light system from Traffic Safety Corp. with Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) as the ideal solution for improving safety at the crossing located at the corner of Broadway and Blackstone Avenue.

The solution was implemented after residents of Doyle manor expressed their safety concerns. Their street was converted from a one-way street to a two-way street.

Both inpavement lighting and RRFBs are proven effective as individual safety solutions. When used in combination, they create an even more effective crosswalk safety system that alerts drivers and helps bring attention to pedestrians crossing – both day and night.

Pawtucket city officials had this to say about the new crosswalk warning system:

“This crosswalk system, to our knowledge, may be the first such installation in a municipal right-of-way setting in Rhode Island other than those found at T.F. Green Airport,” stated Andrew Silvia, Chief of Project Development for the City of Pawtucket, after consulting with the project engineer, contractor, electrical subcontractor and DPW staff.

The administration and the City Council collaborated on the installation of the crosswalk after hearing from nearby residents at Doyle manor that use the crosswalk frequently. “The input received from residents was very helpful in implementing this state-of-the-art system,” said Silvia.”

Local reporter Kerri Corrado of NBC 10 News covered the new installation. The crosswalk system on Broadway Street is the only one of its kind in the state – aside from those at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Watch the full news report here.

The inpavement crosswalk lights are especially effective for use at night –

“Within the crosswalk, you can see the inlaid LED lights – … there’s 3 on each side — that flash, as well,” Andrew Silvia, who is Pawtucket’s chief of Project Development, said. (It’s) a lot more visible or noticeable at night.”

The two-lane LED crosswalk warning light system is composed of:

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14 Crosswalk Systems Boost Pedestrian Safety at Logan International Airport

Logan International Airport Crosswalk Installations

Safer Pedestrians at Boston Logan Airport
One of America’s busiest airports just got safer. Boston’s Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts recently installed 14 of our LED crosswalk lighting systems at the airport.

Lighted Crosswalks Connect to Terminal
Each of the 14 systems are installed at crosswalks connecting airport terminals to nearby parking areas. Pedestrians walking across the road are made more visible by the safety lighting. The flashing array of roadway lighting draws driver attention to people attempting to cross.

Custom Combination of System Components
Each element of these safety systems has been custom selected to fit the needs of the site. Typical TS600 crosswalk warning light systems are augmented with flashing traffic signs. When activated, the crosswalk warning lights flash in conjunction with the LED traffic signs at each curb.

More info:
Crosswalk Warning Lights

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In-Pavement Rail Signal Lighting Systems

In Pavement Rail Signal Lighting Systems

Signaling systems are fundamental to the safe and efficient running of railway operations. The systems are used to signal the permitted running speed to the train operator. Our in-pavement, recessed fixtures provide signaling without obstructing the flow of pedestrians and vehicle traffic in urban environments.

Three in-pavement fixtures are available:
• TS-RAIL-4: Anodized aluminum body.
• TS-RAIL-5: Stainless steel body.
• TS-RAIL-6: Fully-flush, anodized aluminum body.

More info:
Rail Signal Lights

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Lighted Crosswalk Making Las Olas Boulevard Safer

Las Olas Boulevard Crosswalk Installation

Responding to Concerned Citizens
Fort Lauderdale, Florida officials recently installed one of our LED crosswalk lighting systems on Las Olas Blvd at SE 13th Street. The crosswalk is located where drivers leaving nearby shopping areas begin to speed up as they transition to a faster roadway.

The safety system was introduced in a response to a recent survey that found building “more walkable and bikeable streets” was one of the top requests made by citizens in the area. In Florida, from 2008 to 2011, 180 pedestrians were killed on Broward County roads – second only to Miami-Dade County.

Safer Streets in South Florida
A recent Sun Sentinel article describes the elevated need for this kind of system in the South Florida region:

“The lights are a first, and more importantly, a must. The $50,000 crosswalk makes its first debut on a public road in South Florida next month, and the new technology couldn’t come at a better time.

Pedestrian safety is always an issue in South Florida, a region that typically leads the nation in the number of pedestrian fatalities and hit-and-runs. Fortunately, studies show motorists brake sooner and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians when they see flashing lights or an illuminated crosswalk.”

The innovative traffic safety device is proven to reduce roadway accidents leading pedestrian injuries and fatalities, making in South Florida’s streets safer.

The system uses ultra-bright LEDs that can be seen up to 1,500 feet away – even in sunny daytime conditions. Now, as Las Olas drivers leave the main shopping areas they’ll have increased awareness of pedestrians in the roadway, both day and night.

More info:
Crosswalk Warning Lights